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Apple CEO Tim Cook: There is a great potential in Metaverse

As a rule, Apple gives little insight into emerging products and you rarely hear an “opinion” about a trend like foldable smartphones or the Metaverse. However, Tim Cook has now commented on the latter. Apple CEO Tim Cook gave a surprising insight into the company’s investments as part of the company’s latest results release.

Tim Cook said Apple sees the potential of the metaverse very clearly and is investing accordingly. He doesn’t use the word “metaverse,” but according to the… Apple Insider online magazine pretty clear what the Apple CEO was referring to.

A few minor leaks and a plethora of rumors suggest that Apple will play a big part in the future of virtual reality, which some have commonly referred to as the “Metaverse.” When asked about the Metaverse, Cook said, “We are a Company innovating. We already have more than 14,000 AR apps in the App Store”. However, this answer is the CEO’s general answer when asked about AR/VR or other things in this field. With similar words, he had already generalized on the topic The Metaverse refers to a still conceptual idea that in the future people will use virtual reality headsets to work, attend events or socialize. The first attempts at such a reality come from Meta, the parent company of Facebook.

The term Metaverse “taboo” at Apple

Apple is rumored to be working on a VR headset that may not launch until 2022. Such a headset would allow humans to communicate with the Metaverse. But at least Apple will definitely have a different name for it, as previous reports have indicated that the term is “taboo” at Apple. Cook’s mention of augmented reality applications is not surprising. Ever since Apple added LiDAR sensors to the iPad Pro and iPhone 12 Pro, the company has been pushing for mainstream AR experiences.