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Apple Changes Apple Store Staff Shirt Color To New Pacific Color

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Apple has thought of changing the shirts of Apple Store Staff and give them a new vibrant color before it launches the new product line of 2020. A famous leaker has suggested on Twitter that Apple has already started rolling new shirts.

The new color is still blue but it’s more vibrant and cool, the blue pacific color with the Apple logo on the right top looks amazing. Apple AppStore staff previously wore the navy blue color shirt, keeping in mind that Apple is not throwing the Navy Blue Color away, it was reported recently that the company is replacing the midnight green color with Navy Blue in the upcoming 2020 iPhones.

Apart from that Apple is also going to release all the iPhones with LED panels rather LCD which we have witnessed in the previous iPhone lineups. This is a great quality improvement decision by Apple. Moreover, Apple is also revamping Face ID, adding more RAM up to 6GB, using smaller circuits in A14 bionic SoC along with a larger battery and enhancing the performance of 2020 iPhone which are likely to meet the performance of Apple Macbook Pro 15-inch

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