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Apple earbuds are here!

apple earbuds

The long awaited Apple earbuds will finally be coming to you. Apple announced the delay of its Beats X wireless earbuds during the time they were supposed to come out. The push came with their launch date expected to be some time in February. Sneaky Apple, then managed to release its delayed Airpods in the market. It garnered some good reviews in the process.

Seems lying delaying is a new marketing tactic because now the W1 chip-powered tethered buds are up for retail. According to news the Beats X are going to be officially in the market in a few days. Specifically the retail date given by Apple is February 10, 2017. Something to get your better half for valentines’ day then I suppose?

Apple earbuds and airpods provide fierce competition to others

The Apple earbuds are currently available in blue and grey. Previously it had announced that the earbuds would be available in black and white. The earbuds can charge through lightening and promise to provide a battery life of about eight hours. This is a battery life equivalent to a major earbuds in the market such as Beats by Dr.Dre.

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Taking an in-depth look at the earbuds there is a button that triggerts Apple’s personal assistant Siri. The cable is Flex Form which makes it adhere better to the user’s neck. Now, a lot of times the earbuds get tangled up or get lost but the magnets in it snap them together when the user is wearing it around the neck.

So what makes it super special for iPhone users? Well like the PowerBeats3 and Airpods the W1 chip can pair with other apple devices. All apple device compatibility is very convenient and promotes brand loyalty. The Apple earbuds are compatible with non-apple devices and phones as well. This makes them all the more impressive.

The awesome earbuds will be available at Apple stores near you and at their website. Each pair costs $150.

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