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Apple Expects to Release MR Headset by 2020, Followed by AR Glasses and AR Lenses

According to Ming Chi-Kuo of TF International Securities, Apple is likely to release the MR headset by 2022, followed by AR glasses AR contact lenses.


TF International Securities states that Apple may release an MR helmet type product by 2022, an AR glasses type product by 2025, and an AR contact lens type product by 2030-2040.

Keeping a close eye on Apple, Ming Chi-Kuo of TF International Securities believes that these products will be releasing soon start from the first product to be released by 2022. However, no exact dates are mentioned.

Kuo says with these Apple products, it would be a transformation of electronics from the era of “visible computing” to “invisible computing.” There is “no visibility” for the product as of now.

We predict that Apple’s MR/AR product roadmap includes three phases: helmet type by 2022, glasses type by 2025, and contact lens type by 2030–2040,

We foresee that the helmet product will provide AR and VR experiences, while glasses and contact lens types of products are more likely to focus on AR applications.

Ming Chi-Kuo

When it comes to Apple’s MR headset, According to Kuo, several prototypes of Apple’s MR headset weighed between 0.4-0.6 pounds (200 to 300 grams), the new MR headset could weigh less between 0.2-0.4 pounds (100-200 grams).

According to Kuo, this MR headset would be portable and have independent computing power and storage. The MR headset may also come with micro OLED displays. Sony is likely to be the partner here. With these micro OLED displays and other optical modules, the headset would provide a “see-through AR experience,” as well as a VR experience.

Although Apple has been focusing on AR, we think the hardware specifications of this product can provide an immersive experience that is significantly better than existing VR products. We believe that Apple may highly integrate this helmet with video-related applications (e.g., Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, etc.) as one of the key selling points,

Ming Chi-Kuo

According to Kho, this MR headset is likely to have a cost of around $1,000 in the US.