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Apple filed a patent for foldable iPhone

Apple patent

We have come across many reports about Apple collaborating with other companies to develop foldable iPhones, earlier we heard about Apple teamed up with LG to develop foldable smartphones.

However, there were some rumors that Apple might introduce foldable iPhones in two years, but it seems Apple has now streamlined the development of flexible screens, foldable iPhones.

Apple this week has registered a new patent with flexible and foldable screens which describe various hinge mechanisms.

Hinge patterns could be the trickiest part of the foldable phones. However, we can see various prototypes of flexible displays, according to the report Samsung may launch a foldable phone in October or this year followed by Huawei, Xiaomi and Oppo.

Apple’s new foldable patent

Apple’s new patent refers to a flexible “display device” or foldable device with patent number 10,104,787. According to the description of the patent document, “The flexible display can be mounted on the housing part that overlaps the hinge.”

When the device housing parts rotate relative to each other, the flexible display may bend. The image shown indicates that description, The iPhone engineers are taking all the possibilities in designing and rotating the hinges including three-bar linkage, four-bar linkage and a hinge with a slotted member, also a hinge formed of the flexible support structure and a hinge based on flexible housing structure.

However, Apple may not launch the foldable iPhone in the near future, as stated earlier Apple might launch the foldable screens in two years’ time by 2020. We do not have any reports on Apple launching foldable iPhones in 2019, it also depends on the rivals, if Samsung launches the foldable phone this year and it proves to be a success then Apple will definitely streamline its processes.