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Apple Introduces Over-Ear Headphones Airpods Max


Apple has recently introduced a new pair of over-ear headphones called the AirPods Max.

According to the details, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing Greg Joswiak stated that AirPods are the most popular headphones in the world, cherished for their easy setup, unbelievable sound quality, and iconic design.

He further added that the custom audio design, united with powerful H1 chips, and advanced software allow AirPods Max to use computational audio to wirelessly deliver the ultimate personal listening experience.

The headband of the AirPods Max is made from stainless steel and is covered in a breathable knit net canopy, helping to decrease on-head pressure.

Moreover, the ear cups are can also hinge and rotate to fit the exceptional contours of the user’s head, and are made from memory foam.

Talking about the sound quality, the AirPods Max features a 40-mm Apple-designed active driver that provides rich, deep bass, accurate mid-range, and crisp high-frequency tones.

Similar to the AirPods, they also have Active Noise Cancellation, guaranteeing you’re not interrupted while enjoying your music or podcasts.

On the other hand, AirPods Max delivers immersive sound through Active Noise Cancellation so users can focus on what they are listening to, Apple explained. Each ear cup features 3 outward-facing microphones to sense environmental noise.

Furthermore, the headphones can automatically identify when they’re on your head, and once in place will automatically restart audio.

And if you take them off or even simply lift an ear cup, the audio will be paused.

Other impressive features include 20 hours of battery life, as well as smart switching, allowing you to move sound between different Apple products.

The AirPods Max isn’t low-priced with a selling price of £549. The consumers could choose from 5 colors that are; space grey, silver, sky blue, green, and pink. The headphones will become available from December 15.

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