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Apple iOS 12: Specifications, News & Release Date

The expected release date of iOS 12 is June 4th. It will be released at WWDC 2018. Every year Apple launches its updates, iPhones, and iPad at the same time so we are certain about the release date of iOS 12.

We expect new features, specifications, improvement in iOS 11 and much more with the launch of iOS 12.

iOS 12 is the next biggest software update by Apple for its iPhones and iPads. The update will be absolutely free.

The beta version of iOS 12 will launch in June and then after fixing any problems in the trial version, it will be official in September.

iOS 12 Apps Link with Mac PCs

Finally, in iOS 12, Apple will bring its iOS apps to the Mac computers. This will bring much ease and feasibility in the lives of Apple users.

More Animojis in iPad

Apple will bring more animojis in iOS 12 update that will be used with the Face ID camera of iPhone X.  We can expect a completely new iPad Pro 2018 along with the iPhone X Face ID camera.

Hope for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth toggles

iOS 11 did improve the Control Center but Wi-Fi and Bluetooth still can’t get off from it which we hope will be available in iOS 12 update.

Wish List Might Return

There was an option in App Store to add apps we like to the Wish List, that we hope to buy later. With iOS 11 update the wish list option died. We hope to see it back in iOS 12.

Camera Control options

Many camera control options like video resolution, file formats are not in the camera app. They are located in the setting’s submenu. Let us hope that these options are re-located in the camera in iOS 12 update.

A better back button

iOS does not offer a hardware back button. In order to back a tiny back option is available at top left corner. It’s not quite feasible for right-handed people. So lets Apple change its position for better usage in iOS 12.

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These are just rumored updates relating to what customers want to see in iOS 12 update. Let us see what new features Apple adds in its iOS 12 software update.