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Apple iPhone 13 Camera Upgrade Put Pressure On Suppliers

iPhone 13

Better cameras in smartphones don’t cause a stir at first. The iPhone 13 indicates that we should definitely look forward to major adjustments – and that applies to all models. Apple is currently drying up the market for important key components.

iPhone 13 Cameras Linked To Supply Shortage in The Market

Everything indicates that Apple is planning an extensive general overhaul of the camera components in the iPhone family this year. The logical consequence: In contrast to years with only small upgrades, the current task for the group is to secure the right components for millions of planned devices. As MacRumors reports via Digitimes report, the effects of such an undertaking on the supply chain are very far-reaching.

An important key element for which Apple is creating a real shortage in the market with its demand is so-called voice coil actuators, which are required for focus functions, among other things. According to current reports from Taiwan, where the corresponding production capacities are concentrated, Apple had prepared the manufacturers to anticipate a 30-40% increase in demand. “Next-generation iPhones are expected to have upgraded in the camera modules and 3D sensors for Face ID, leading to increased use of VCMs,” the source said.

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A look at the entire market shows impressively what great importance such a seemingly simple decision as a camera upgrade at a company like Apple can have. The supply chain currently expects that the company will purchase a larger number of units from this one component alone than is expected for the entire Android sector.

Loads of upgrades

As always, there is currently no official information, but there is a lot of good information about what the iPhone 13 family is doing differently with the cameras. As MacRumors sums up the rumors and reports, all four planned models could learn from the subject of ultra-wide-angle photography, the Pro model is assigned an f/1.8 aperture and a newly designed lens with six elements. Another topic that will probably extend to all iPhone 13 models this year: Sensor-shift image stabilization. Autumn will show what is true of this.

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