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Apple iPhone SE Plus Might Come With Midrange Apple Chip B14

Apple is expected to unveil the mystery of the next-generation iPhone in October as previously reported on October 13 to be specific, but at the same time, the technology giant is also planning ahead and is already developing new products that may be launched in 2021. One of them is likely to be the successor of iPhone SE, and from the current point of view, the company has finalized the main chip of this device. Apple leaker Mauri QHD recently revealed that Apple has developed a mid-range processor, which is completely new to the company, all because there will be a new iPhone in the next few months. Maybe a replacement for SE.

The leaker said: “They have prepared a mid-range chip.” He explained that now, it is not clear whether this processor is based on the Apple A14, or the company has just started research and development from scratch.

We still don’t know what iPhone will get this processor. The leaker speculates that it may even be used on the iPhone 12 Mini in advance. This is a new device with a 5.4-inch display launched this year, and it may be subsequently used by the iPhone SE3 or potential iPhone SE 2 Plus is used as the core, the latter will basically be based on the iPhone 8 Plus shell plus new configuration and then renamed. Of course, this is just a rumor. Generally speaking, you don’t normally expect Apple to develop a mid-range processor. If there is one, Apple usually uses previous generations of A chips to drive its cheaper models.