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Apple is developing its Own Device Screens for the First Time Ever

Apple is developing its own device screens for the first time ever. Apple is secretly using a designing and manufacturing area to develop its own screens for trial purposes. The facility lies near the California headquarters of Apple.

Apple is making a huge investment in developing the MicroLED screens as per anonymous people. Contrary to the present OLED screens the MicroLED screens use various light-emitting compounds. Via these screens future iPhones can become more slim, bright and consume less power.

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As per the people, the project is very difficult and Apple almost ended it a year ago. Now the engineers are making headway and soon some positive outcome will be seen.

Apple wants to design its phones completely in-house. It can hurt the screen suppliers including Samsung Electronics Co., Japan Display Inc., Sharp Corp. and LG Display Co. Also, it may affect the leading OLED tech company Universal Display Corp.

If Apple successfully develops MicroLED screens it will give it a strong position to Apple in the smartphone market.

Ray Soneira owner of DisplayMate Technologies says that this is a golden opportunity” for Apple. “Everyone can buy an OLED or LCD screen. But Apple could own MicroLED.”

This won’t be an easy process though. The new equipment will be needed for mass production of the screens. When the technology will be finalized, some other technology may surpass it. The project can also be abandoned. So there is a chance that Apple might outsource its new screen production.

One of the sources said “We put a lot of money into the facility. It’s big enough to get through the engineering builds [and] lets us keep everything in-house during the development stages.”

Currently, this screen development initiative called T159 is led by the Apple veteran executive Lynn Youngs.