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Apple is getting ready to provide MINI cars support for digital car keys

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A digital car key enables users to lock, unlock, and even start their vehicle with the help of a pass. The pass is usually stored in an app on the user’s smartphone. In the case of an iPhone, the pass can be found inside the Wallet app. According to some recent pieces of information, the Cupertino-based tech firm Apple is all set to add digital car key support for selected MINI vehicles.

Reportedly, MINI is a sub-company of BMW. In 2020, BMW was the first company to introduce us to the idea of digital car keys in Wallets. Only early today, according to MacRumors contributor Aaron Perris, Apple Pay configuration files changed to expressly list MINI among approved brands. A few months back, MINI rolled out its next-gen MINI OS 9. It comes with the support for MINI Digital Key Plus that can support Ultra Wideband on both platforms i.e., Android and iOS. In simple words, users can access their vehicles without taking the phone out of a bag or pocket.

The first large circular OLED display in the car industry, the MINI Interaction Unit, a 9.4-inch configurable screen prominently located in the center of the dashboard with vibrant and immersive themes available to help personalize the vehicle, will power the MINI Operating System 9. Next year will see the release of the new all-electric MINI Cooper and MINI Countryman, which are equipped with the new MINI Interaction Unit with MINI Operating System 9 and MINI Digital Key Plus.