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Apple is increasing the prices of battery replacement services for old models of the iPhone

Have an old model iPhone? Do you own iPhone 13 or an older model?

Are you facing the problem of a degraded battery? Then hurry up. Because it is the best time to get this issue fixed.

Why? Because Apple is going to increase the prices for degraded batteries by March 2023.

Reportedly, if you own an iPhone 13 or an older version of the iPhone, then it is the best time to go for a battery replacement service. Apple has mentioned the news on its website that the prices for battery replacement will increase by $20 for all models of iPhone except the iPhone 14.

Let’s understand this with the following example. If Apple charges $69 for battery service of its smartphones then a 20% increment in service charges will hike the price up to $89 as of March 2023. According to the information on the website, iPhone 14 is not included in this list of price adjustments. Since the smartphones of the iPhone 14 series already cost $99 for battery services.

If we go deeper into the details of charges for battery replacement service, it appears that Apple charges $69 for recent generations of iPhones like iPhone 13, 12, 11, and iPhone X. in addition to this, the battery replacement charges for iPhone SE and iPhone 8 start from $49. Until the end of next month, these prices will be effective. From March onward, the prices will increase by $20.

Users can benefit from battery replacement service of Apple via retail stores of the company, mail-in service, or via authorized resellers. In addition to this, there is another option as well. Last year, Apple introduced the method of self-service repair. It is done by accessing the genuine parts provided by the company. However, the price for the parts used for self-repair is nearly equal to the cost that Apple is currently charging. Most likely the cost of self-service will also increase from March onwards.

A few years back, in 2018, the battery prices were remarkably reduced by the company to around $29. This was due to the slowdown outrage of the iPhone. It was done as an excuse for the misunderstanding of how the software of the iPhone regulates the performance of the CPU given the battery degeneration. The company facilitated the consumers by replacing their iPhone batteries to restore complete performance.

In 2019, the service was set for $69 till today. But now by March 2023, users will pay an additional $20 for the service.

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