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Apple is working on finding a way, by teaming up with news publishers, to train its AI system and tools

Apple has been conspicuously absent from the list of firms offering their own generative AI product, but according to a recent story from the New York Times, that is about to change. Apple is said to have begun talking with big publishers and news organizations in recent weeks to obtain permission to use their material to train the generative AI system it is creating. The corporation does not expect to obtain its information for free, and The Times reports that it has offered them multi-year deals costing at least $50 million for access to their news archives.

Some of the publishers it approached appear to be concerned about the long-term consequences of allowing Apple to utilize their news stories. They believe that a wide licensing agreement for their archives may cause problems in the future. The publishers are also worried about any possible rivalry that Apple’s initiatives might create.

Nevertheless, it’s also alleged that the iPhone manufacturer gained their favor by merely requesting their consent and expressing a desire to pay. According to The Times, the company’s executives have been debating where to obtain data for the creation of generative AI for years. They’ve been reluctant to exploit data gathered from the internet because of their dedication to privacy.

Some businesses possessing generative AIs faced allegations of pilfering information and utilizing it to train their systems without obtaining explicit permission from content creators and rights holders. For example, OpenAI is facing multiple lawsuits alleging that it has exploited intellectual property belonging to other people. Novelists like George R.R. Martin and John Grisham filed one of those lawsuits, and nonfiction writers claimed that Microsoft and OpenAI had created a company “valued into the tens of billions of dollars by taking the combined works of humanity without permission.”

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