Apple Journaling App Will Be Available In iOS 17.2

Apple Journal Is Now Showing Up in the iOS 17.2 Developers Beta, the app will be rolled out with the iOS 17.2 update.

Apple has been working on the new Journaling app for well over six months now, it was reported that Apple was planning to launch the day-one-style iPhone Journal app for Apple devices as reported by Macrumors.

What Apple Journal App is For?

The Apple journaling app, dubbed Jurassic, is crafted to assist individuals in making a diary of their daily endeavors, as per the documents describing the software. This app is engineered to log user activities to sketch a portrait of a typical day, encompassing the duration spent indoors versus elsewhere, and pinpointing if a particular day veered off the routine, the documents explain.

Positioned to rival in the realm of journaling apps like Day One, which facilitates users in logging and reflecting on their daily routines and musings, this fresh Apple innovation reflects the corporation’s interest in mental wellness.

As per the documents examined by WSJ, a personalized feature will spotlight possible subjects for users to pen down, for instance, a workout session, while the app will extend an “All Day People Discovery” function to perceive a user’s physical nearness to others.

The report posits that Apple’s journaling app will possess the capability to process a significantly larger volume of user data in comparison to third-party journaling apps, with access to text conversations and phone communications, albeit privacy and security are pegged as the linchpin in the app’s architecture. The log and data of a user’s daily activities will be conducted on-device, with journaling prompts being retained in the system for a span of four weeks.

Recent Updates About The Journal App

In a recent report by Techradar, Apple announced the Journal App at WWDC 2023 in June, Apple has been working for a long on this app and now the waiting time is over as the software was seen in iOS 17.2 developers beta. The release of the app is just around the corner and could take mere weeks from the developers’ beta to the public beta and the final release.

Apple Journal App Features

Apple has described the features of the app, and how it can really help users all day along with reflecting on your day. Users can record and maintain journal entries of everyday instances and notable events with the use of photos, videos, audio recordings, locations, text entries, and more. Suggestions for journaling facilitate an easy recall of your daily activities, eliminating the challenge of beginning and thinking about where to start.

Start on your writing journey with journaling suggestions

Start writing with journaling suggestions

• View and add suggested moments that intelligently gather outings, photos, workouts, media, and more. Use the writing prompt to guide your insights.

• Get inspired with reflection prompts to focus on gratitude, kindness, purpose, and more.

• Journaling suggestions are created using on-device intelligence based on how you use your iPhone. Choose what information you want to enable for suggestions.

Save Memorable moments in rich detail

• Illustrate your entries with the photos, videos, and places that tell your story.

• Record your voice or your surroundings to add even more context.

• Start a new entry and add content from other apps like News, Music, or Safari.

Past Reflections

• Browse and filter your journal to look back and reflect on key moments in your life.

• View each entry and its attachments in a beautiful fullscreen view.

Privacy and Security

• Protect your journal with your device passcode, Touch ID, or Face ID, so no one but you can access it.

• Store your entries safely in iCloud so they’re automatically backed up.

• Your suggestions are private and only what you select will be shared with the app.

Maintain a good habit

• Set a schedule and receive notifications to keep a consistent journaling practice.

• Get a notification when new journaling suggestions are ready.

Journal App Screenshots

Developers Beta iOS17.2

The app is now showing up in the developers’ beta iOS 17.2, Apple has provided release notes of developers’ beta iOS 17.2 and highlighted the details about the Journaling app, Apple has included the Journaling Suggestions API as the new feature of Apple Journal App.

Release Date

Apple has not confirmed the release date of the app yet, however, it is close to release as Apple has already started iOS 17.2 beta, the beta version of the software will soon slip into the public beta mode, and after bug fixes and improvements Apple is likely to release the app that could take from 2 to 5 weeks approximately.

Apple Journal App Video Overview

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