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Apple Launching New iPhones, iPads & its Largest Laptop in years – Here are the Details


To all the Apple lovers out there, you have a lot to look forward to in upcoming months. Apple is launching new iPhones, iPads and its largest laptop in years in upcoming weeks and months. At an event next month, Apple will announce three new iPhones.

Furthermore, Apple will introduce refreshed versions of the iPad Pro with upgraded cameras and better, faster chips, a new iPad with a bigger screen, upgraded versions of the Apple Watch and a new MacBook Pro laptop.

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Now we will share the details of these new Apple products will our readers.

There will be three new iPhone variants that will be launched by Apple as successors to the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR. The new camera systems on the back along with a third sensor to capture ultra-wide-angle photos and videos will be the most notable features of Pro iPhones. The camera will allow users to zoom out to capture a bigger field of view.

Also, a reverse wireless charging system will be seen allowing the users to power-up the latest AirPods in the optional wireless charging case.

As for the iPads, Apple will launch new mid-tier iPad Air and iPad mini models and also upgrade iPad Pro and its low-end iPad for schools.

Apple is also working on more expensive new AirPods that will have notable features like water resistance and noise cancellation. It will be launched by 2020.

As for Apple MacBook, a revamped MacBook Pro with over 16-inches screen diagonally is planned. This new Apple laptop will be its largest since the 17-inch MacBook Pro was dropped in 2012.

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