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Apple macOS 11.2 Update Fixes Bugs Under Big Sur

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With MacOS 11.2, Apple is now making the second Big Sur update available for download. In addition to various little things, the patch is supposed to improve the reliability of Bluetooth connections and solve various problems with external displays on new M1 Macs.

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In addition to a new iOS 14.5 developer beta for iPhones, Apple released macOS 11.2 Big Sur, which Mac users can now access via the software update. Depending on the Mac or MacBook, the download is between three and four gigabytes in size and is available for systems with an Intel processor as well as for the newer Mac Mini and MacBook Air models with the in-house Apple M1 chip.

Bug fixes for Bluetooth accessories and external monitors

According to Apple, macOS 11.2 Big Sur should improve the Bluetooth reliability, even if the US manufacturer does not go into detail. In the last few weeks and months, however, there have been voices in the support forums that increasingly talked about disconnections from wireless accessories such as mice and keyboards. Apart from that, Apple fixes errors regarding failed unlocking of the system settings, the editing of Apple ProRAW photos in the Photos app and an unintentional deactivation of iCloud Drive.

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With regard to the recently reported display problems, only a fraction of them are declared as solved in the patch notes of the update to macOS 11.2 Big Sur. In particular, Apple speaks of the Mac Mini (M1, 2020), which could display a black image on external monitors connected via HDMI-to-DVI converter. In December, however, many users of M1 and Intel Macs complained about resolution errors in (super) ultra-wide displays and screens with 4K resolution. In many cases, not all resolutions or only 1080p format were available.