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Apple Made Some Apps Free For Everyone iWork, iMovie and GarageBand

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How would you feel if Apple allow you to use some of the useful apps like Apple’s iMovie, iWork Suite and GarageBand free of cost?

Yeah, it sounds great !!!

Apple updated these apps on last Tuesday, and made them free for all IOS and Mac users. However, these apps were free for the users who purchased new IOS and MacOS device, in the last few years but this update would even allow users who have been using IOS and Mac older versions, now the purchase is no longer required for any IOS and Mac user.

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People who have not purchased an Apple device recently can be benefitted from this update. The cost was around $9.99 per app and iWork suite was priced at $19.99. iWork suite competes with Google docs, MS Office in several ways, iWork is quite handy for office work which includes Keynotes, Numbers, iPhotos, Pages etc.

Apple started making iWork free for users after 2013, which means customers who purchased Apple products such as iPhones, iPads, iPods and MacBooks were already getting this app for free.

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But now these apps are freely available for the users using older devices.

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