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Apple Maps gets multi-stop journeys

Last night at the opening of its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), Apple introduced tons of new applications and features, and Apple Maps also got a major innovation, namely route planning with several stops (yes, only now).

“Memorable” Launch of Apple Maps Ten Years Ago

Apple Maps was released almost ten years ago and it was quite a memorable launch. As you know, the map service was so buggy in the beginning that the Californian group, otherwise so fond of perfectionism, has made itself the laughingstock of the technology world. It even went so far as to fire the head of the department responsible at the time, Scott Forstall.

That’s now history, and Apple Maps openly competes with Google’s counterpart as well. Or at least try it, because functionally, even ten years after the first release, you are not necessarily on the same level. This is also reflected in the fact that Apple Maps only got a feature that has been standard with Google for almost as long after almost a decade, namely route planning with multiple stops.

From iOS 16: 15 intermediate stops are possible

Google Maps has offered this in the desktop version since 2013, and this functionality has been available for mobile since 2016. But at Apple that is only possible with iOS 16, Apple announced yesterday at the WWDC keynote. As android police reported, it’s unclear why such an obvious feature took so long to implement. Basically, the feature works as you would expect, very similar to Google Maps.

In any case, Apple has a small trump card up its sleeve: Unlike its competitor from Mountain View, the developers in Cupertino allow up to 15 stopovers – Google Maps, on the other hand, supports up to nine.