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Apple May allow third-party app stores on iPhones


It seems that Apple needs to open up its ecosystem and allow third-party app stores in Europe. When the new Digital Markets Act (DMA) takes effect in Europe, Apple will likely have to grant access to third-party apps and services. The new DMA law approved by the European Council and the European Parliament isn’t just limited to third-party stores and apps. It also targets large companies and services. In the future, for example, providers of messaging apps will also have to open their services to various third parties.

Another area of ​​application of the DMA is the introduction of third-party payment systems in Apple’s App Store. This would allow users to transact within the app store. Remember Epic Games’ lawsuit against Apple for blocking the developer’s payment option in Fortnite in the App Store? The default iOS applications would also be affected, such as the Internet browser and other system applications – users should be able to remove and/or modify them from now on. This functionality has been present on Android devices for many years, but not to this extent – and we can’t imagine how Apple will implement it.

Many companies would benefit from this

Apple’s biggest concern when this law goes into effect is that iPhones and iPads, in particular, could face increased security vulnerabilities. In addition, sensitive data stored on Apple devices and services would be at risk, Tim Cook said. So is the case over for Apple? We will only believe that when the time has really come. Apple has always been very good at finding loopholes.

The bottom line is that, of course, there are risks. On the other hand, the law should also benefit user freedom and also help smaller companies fight a fair fight against “the big ones” – who then have better chances to compete with giants like Apple and Facebook. And how do you say it so beautifully? Competition is good for business – and ultimately only good for consumers, as the industry is forced to innovate. What do you say about this law? Do you support sideloading third-party apps for iPhones and iPads? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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