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Apple Might Feature the Upcoming iPhone 13 with an Always-on Mode

Apple might introduce the new iPhone 13 with LTPO displays having an always-on mode.

Apple iPhone 13 - LTPO Displays with Low Refresh Rates

The new iPhone is seemingly having a new feature – always-on mode. The device holding this feature is non-other than the upcoming iPhone 13.

This device would also likely come with Samsung’s LTPO (low-temperature polycrystalline oxide) tech, enabling 120Hz screens. That feature would, however, be available for the Pro variants only.

In 2017, Apple introduced ProMotion technology with its iPad Pro. With this new tech, devices were providing more fluid scrolling, smoother gameplay and had greater responsiveness.

Now with these LTPO displays devices would be more efficient and would dynamically adjust refresh rate depending on the content.

With this LTPO we heard the refresh rate could go as low as 1Hz, giving us a hint for the always-on feature.

Interestingly, this feature has already appeared in Apple Watch Series 5. And is now heading towards the new iPhone 13.

We also learned that with these LTPO displays, following low refresh rates, displays would be able to perform efficiently at low brightness levels.

Apple is likely to reveal the iPhone 13 in September with no official announcement as of now.


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