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Apple Patents Special Black Coloring For iPhones And Macs

Apple black color patent

Black is currently the trend color, including in the field of technology. Microsoft is now increasingly bringing its Surface models onto the market in black as well as silver-gray. Apple has now secured a patent with which they want to make a MacBook as black as possible.

As PatentlyApple reports, Apple recently received a new patent describing how the housings of mobile devices such as laptops should be processed with a special etch in order to then anodize them in various colors. However, according to the patent, Apple wants to do a special type of processing so that the surface absorbs as much light as possible.

Low-reflection coating as possible

Apple’s patent provides, among other things, that the surfaces of the housing should achieve a “true black” through the etching, whereby as little light as possible is reflected. To do this, the aim is to change the structure of the surfaces so that the light is scattered as widely as possible and is barely noticeable to the beholder’s eye.

For this purpose, special color is provided, the particles of which are to be introduced into the pores of the anodized surface. Among other things, one wants to ensure that certain features of the surfaces processed in this way can no longer be perceived by the eye of the beholder.

Whether the patent acquired by Apple will actually lead to the introduction of “matt black” MacBooks with an ultra-dark surface is, of course, anything but certain. As is usual with patents, this does not mean that commercial products are also planned. It is also questionable how well the surfaces processed with Apple’s patented technology are immune to fingerprints.

On current devices, which are marketed as “black”, but actually have a very dark gray on the outer skin, fingerprints are often much easier to see than on other, lighter color variants.