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Apple “Pear Shaped Logo” infringement Case Reached Settlement

Apple Prepear

it was reported that Apple had sued a startup company, accusing it of infringing its own trademark rights with its pear-shaped Logo. The latest news shows that the defendant startup company has reached a settlement with Apple and will modify the pear-shaped trademark.

The defendant, in this case, Prepear, said recently that it has settled the lawsuit with Apple. The company’s co-founder and chief operating officer Russ Monson said that minor changes will be made to the company’s pear-shaped logo in the next few weeks, and the company is satisfied with the settlement plan.

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It is reported that the company has adjusted the pear cotyledon pattern in the trademark to create a greater difference with the Apple trademark. The new design will be used in the company logo and software icons in the future.

In 2020, Apple’s lawsuit has sparked a heated discussion on the Internet because pears and apples are completely different fruits. Prepear claimed that the lawsuit accusing Apple of being bullying by technology giants of startups, and even conducted an online petition to win support for itself.