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Apple Plans Not To Launch iPad Air With OLED in 2022

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Since the beginning of the year, there have been rumors that Apple wants to bring the iPad Air with an OLED display onto the market. But now the plans are said to have been canceled – at least that’s what an insider reports. Mini-LED technology should also not be used.

Apple has canceled its plans to launch an updated iPad Air with an OLED display next year due to quality and cost concerns, according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. In his letter to investors, which is available online via MacRumors, Ming-Chi Kuo explained that Apple wants to stay with the previous LCD technology for the iPad Air for the time being.

Experts also expected the switch to OLED, as it was initially assumed that Apple was too limited with the current display technology when it came to further design changes. That means, however, that the iPad Air will probably not receive any drastic changes in the coming year.

In March, Kuo reported that Apple already has an iPad Air with an OLED display in the pipeline for 2022. Now, Kuo has revised its prediction, stating that it will not, as Apple canceled these plans due to costs and performance not meeting the company’s expectations. To what extent this is true is difficult to check. In addition, it was particularly noticeable this year that many rumors before the new product launches were completely wrong and that Apple has now managed to keep secrets to itself.

Samsung and Apple are said to have given up plans

Apple is now said to have called off the start of mass production of the new iPad Air displays, which was planned for the fourth quarter. Shortly before, an insider had reported that Apple and Samsung had given up their joint plans to develop an OLED display for an upcoming updated 10.9-inch iPad Air.