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Apple Polishing Cloth Now Costs $19

Polishing Cloth

With the introduction of new MacBook Pro models, Apple is introducing additional accessories, including power supplies and MagSafe 3 cables, and an expensive polishing cloth. The company is charging an impressive 25 euros in Europe for the fabric used to clean iPhone, iPad, and Mac displays.

As soon as an official Apple logo touches simple accessories, one can assume that it will be sold over the counter at horrendous prices in the manufacturer’s in-house store and at its partner shops. Current example: A polishing cloth that was added to the store yesterday and made of a “soft, abrasion-free material” according to Apple, which is suitable for cleaning Apple displays and especially for those of nanotextured glass. The price of 25 euros even makes the loyal Apple community smile.

Previously included in the scope of delivery free of charge, now available for 25 euros and $19

So far, the cleaning cloth has only been delivered in conjunction with the Pro Display XDR and Intel iMacs, which cost more than 5000 euros. Both are optionally available in addition to the standard glazing with the nanotexture glass, which apparently requires special care. Until now, anyone who wanted to replace the polishing cloth had to contact Apple support and place an order there. Now the expensive thread is officially taking its place in the accessories range of the Apple store. Third-party alternatives are available for a fraction of the money on Amazon.

Aside from the luxury polishing cloth, Apple is now offering new power supplies and cables that have been specially developed for the 2021 MacBook Pro lineup. The new USB-C power adapter with 140 watts for the 16-inch model with Apple M1 Pro or M1 Max costs 105 euros individually, while a two-meter-long magnetic “USB-C to MagSafe 3” cable is proud 55 euros will be due. The latter is a variant wrapped in woven fabric, which is also included in the scope of delivery of the new MacBook Pro laptops.

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