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Apple Powerbeats Pro sued for overcharging issues


Apple has another lawsuit to deal with. The Powerbeats Pro wireless earphones have caused problems for some users because of their design, which means that they do not charge correctly. Apple is being urged to work on a fix. The wireless headphones are said to lose contact with the charging case too easily, so that the Powerbeats Pro are often not charged continuously. As from a report by Law360 as Engadget reports, New York-based Powerbeats user Alejandro Vivar has now filed a lawsuit against the manufacturer. Apple is accused of knowingly misrepresenting battery life and failing to take action to address the issue. In addition, the charging contacts could be rusted by sweat.

Lawsuit for compensation

With the lawsuit, Alejandro Vivar is seeking financial compensation. In addition to compensation payments that should be made to affected buyers, Apple should also be responsible for unspecified damages. The sums involved have not yet been published. In most cases, however, the compensation is not high. In addition to the financial aspects, Apple should consider the problems that have arisen when designing new earphone models and make changes to the design. So far, Apple has not officially commented on the allegations.

It remains unclear how the iPhone manufacturer will react to the problem. Of course, the lawsuit filed is no guarantee that customers will be right and eventually compensated, or that Apple will have to change the design of future Powerbeats models. It could also be a few months or even years before a final decision is made.