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Apple Puts Wistron On Probation Needs Clarification For Riots

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Even Apple wants accurate information about why the riots and the riots in the iPhone production has come in a Wistron plant. To do this, the Apple partner has to explain what grievances have occurred in India.

Last weekend, the news made the rounds that there had been riots at a Wistron plant in India. Employees rioted who felt they were being paid unjustly. Sometimes the workers received no wages at all or only half of what had been agreed. At least that is how numerous media reported after the riots.

Too many new hires

There is probably a general problem of being overwhelmed by the Wistron administration, as Techcrunch now reports. Accordingly, those responsible on site had hired massive new employees within a very short time. This was probably intended to get the first lockdown phases back in. But while hiring was quickly made, there should have been extreme problems with payroll. These problems should also be related to the fact that there are too few employees for accounting. The whole thing resulted in a great mess in accounting and too many outstanding payments. Apple is now demanding from its manufacturing partner that the grievances in payroll are corrected as quickly as possible. In addition, Apple has announced that it will not award any further orders to the Wistron plant until it can be proven that everything is now correct.

Apple has now “counted” its contract manufacturing partner Wistron, according to Techcrunch – there was a red card. The Taiwanese company will not get any new business until it has taken “full corrective action”. The riots caused damage of around 6 million euros. Over 100 people are said to have been arrested at short notice.