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Apple recalls history of App Store development on 10th Anniversary


At first Apple store was launched in July 2008, to celebrate its anniversary of App Store, Apple on Thursday has marked a brief history of its App Store.

When Apple launched its first iPhone in 2007 without any third-party apps on it, Apple announced that later that year Apple is going to open the doors for third-party apps for its iPhone and computers.

Apple opened its App Store on July 10, 2008, just a day before it released the new version of the iPhone which was the Apple iPhone 3G.

Initially, Apple launched its App Store with 500 apps only; at that time the number was big enough for people using iPhones, what about now? Apple features over 2 million apps on its App Store recorded earlier this year.

Ahead of Apple’s App Store anniversary, Apple has recalled its history in a press release which shows the original development of App Store over the period of time. Apple App Store has grown so fast over the past decade which also indicates how central App Store was to so many e-commerce and content innovations. App Store has also made an explosion in the business of app development itself. The app development business was boosted in this era from the ground to the sky.

“During the first decade, App Store surpassed all of our expectations, from the innovative apps developers dreamed of, to the way users have made apps part of their life—and this is just the start,” Apple’s Phil Schiller said in a press release. “We are more than proud what developers have created for the last 10 years and what App Store will have for the next 10 years.”, he added.

Gaming companies, streaming services, financial institutions and other businesses quoted the importance of App Store to their business, Apple changes like in-app purchases and numerous other advances have entirely changed the way they do for better.

There have many significant moments since apps first came to iPhone and iPad, the milestones achieved by Apple reflects some of the most critical points of the past 10 years, defining how Apple Store was organized to distribute software and transformed the way people live their daily lives, Apple said.

Apple has also provided statistics along with the developer platitudes, acknowledging more than 28,000 apps that offer subscriptions to customers. This is the figure which showed 95% increase year-on-year basis in a total number of subscribers.

Furthermore, 500 doctors and researchers have utilized the ResearchKit and CareKit in order to collect data from 3 million people across, to conduct a number of multifaceted studies.

Today, more than 500 million people visit the App Store every week, almost 1million people read articles and features posted on new Today page which was developed during the Apple Store redesign last year.