Apple recalls iPhone 8 over manufacturing fault and offers a free fix

iPhone battery

If you own one of the iPhone 8 you may or may not have come across the issue residing inside the device, it is always good to know beforehand if your phone has a manufacturing fault or not. Apple allows you to check if your phone is included in recall and subject to being fixed for free.

The problem identified comes in the iPhone 8 devices sold in the United States between September 2017 to March 2018. According to Apple, the recalled devices have a manufacturing fault involving phone’s logic board which causes a freeze or turn off.

In some cases, the phone will not turn back on.

If you are experiencing issues like unexpected restarts or freezing screen then you must not wait for long, check on this link if your phone is included and requires repair.

Apple will repair your device free of cost, but there is another thing which has to be done first, your phone must be free of any visible damage before you send it to Apple, for instance, if your phone has a crack on the back or the screen is broken, you will have to get it fixed first on your own using money from your pocket before you send it to Apple and replacing the logic board.

Apple is now focusing more on the upcoming series of iPhones; the company is expected to unveil them on September 12 this year, most notably the iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Plus are going to take more of Apple’s time focusing on the devices. Before it happens Apple wants to address the issues with previous handsets so the new iPhones could be watched and monitored properly once they go on sale.