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Apple Signed $275 Billion Agreement With China Despite Rift Between Authorities

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Apple is one of the few overseas brands that are extremely successful in China. A key guarantee for this is a contract that has now become known that CEO Tim Cook negotiated with the Chinese government.

According to a report by US magazine The Information, the agreement dates back to 2016. At that time, Apple was not exactly satisfied with the sales figures in one of the largest sales markets in the world. And there were signs that things could get worse as the Chinese government was planning regulations that would also have hit various key Apple services hard.

This is where the negotiating skills of Apple boss Tim Cook came into play, who for a long time had laid the decisive foundation for the company’s success as the architect of the supplier structures. Cook also proved to be a decisive factor in dealing with the party leadership in Beijing.

Big Impact

In order to ensure that Apple has as free access to the Chinese market as possible, a contract has been concluded that is very tight with just around 1250 words. In this, however, the US company committed itself to services over a period of five years, the value of which experts estimate at around $275 billion.

In part, this covers direct investments – for example, Apple also put a billion dollars into the ride-sharing service Didi Chuxing at the start. Much more important, however, were other points. Apple promised to support Chinese suppliers in the further development of their manufacturing technologies. An extensive training and further education program are also part of the agreements.

So China benefits enormously from a technology transfer that is organized and secured by Apple. On the other hand, the US group can operate like no other foreign company in the Chinese market, which is massively reflected in the balance sheets. The contract period of five years was extended by another year in May because neither party wanted to change anything. This shows that a satisfactory state has been achieved for both sides, which will certainly be continued.