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Apple Siri: Sex Talk Of Apple Siri Users Goes Controversial

Apple is back in the sights of the Irish data protection authority after allegations by a former employee. The employee had stated that he had to listen to sex on behalf of Apple Siri users. Other absurd “eavesdropping” came to light.

The employee was employed by a service provider in Ireland on behalf of Apple and has now released new allegations. According to a report by the Reuters news agency, the data protection officer in Ireland takes the ex-employees open letter and the alleged abuses very seriously. The former employee had sent an open letter to the data protection officers to launch an investigation into Apple and publicize the grievances.

Comprehensive information required – and penalties

Already last year there were reports that Apple listened to the conversations of its iPhone users and also saved or processed the most private conversations. Apple then responded publicly and changed its practices, it was said. Among other things, hundreds of employees were fired who had previously “analyzed” discussions. 

But the employee who had brought the whole thing to light does not give up – he wants further consequences for the US company and comprehensive education. This also means that those affected should be informed. In addition, penalties would also have to be announced, since Apple used and saved the recordings without the knowledge of the users.

According to the ex-Apple employee, he listened to all sorts of things, often because Siri had unexpectedly tuned in. There was sensitive business information, doctor talks or even sex to be heard.

The Irish Data Protection Agency has now confirmed that Apple has been contacted again to clarify further allegations. They are now working with Apple, but are also working on a general new guideline for dealing with a voice assistant. Apple has not yet commented on the new allegations.