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Apple Started Producing Translucent AR Glasses

Apple AR Glasses

Apple starts new trial production of semi-transparent lenses for upcoming AR devices. There are many indications that Apple is finally taking it seriously with the launch of its long-awaited AR cyber glasses. We came across some Apple AR Glasses concept design earlier as well.

The Information reports from well-informed circles. Accordingly, Apple supplier Foxconn has now started test production. It is about polarized and semi-transparent lenses for the “Apple Glass”, which should combine all the advantages of comfortable glasses and technically sophisticated mini-computers. According to The Information, Foxconn is now working on a production line at its plant in Chengdu, southwest China, to manufacture the lenses. Apple iPads are usually produced at the factory.

There have been a few attempts, but now it is getting “serious”

According to The Information, the lenses are crucial for the use of augmented reality and the ARkit, since they have to present the wearer with computer-generated images in addition to what the user can see from the real world. Apple had already started a few attempts, according to the rumor mill, but was never completely satisfied with the results. According to “The Information“, the lenses could be at least a year or two away from going into mass production. But they are said to have officially passed the prototype stage about two months ago. This means that the Apple Glasses are now ready for the market and that the decision to publish them has been made. Now the manufacturing tests continue.

Long lead times should pay off

According to the report, these tests follow around three years of development work at Foxconn. Apple had bought up the lens start-up company Akonia Holographics, which had important influences on the prototype production of Apple Glasses. Akonia Holographics developed a silicon-based LCD display and proprietary lenses. However, it is still unknown whether it is Akonia Holographics’ technology that has prevailed.

Already in May, there were indications from the industry that Apple is preparing for the production of Apple glasses. However, when a finished product can finally be brought onto the market is still completely unclear. Despite being closes to production we still not have confirmed or leaked design of the AR Glasses but we expect them to surface online soon.

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