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Apple Starts Windows Touchpad Gestures For Bootcamp

Windows touchpad gestures

Apple is starting a new update for Boot Camp now includes support for the Microsoft Precision touchpad driver. This means that all known Windows touch gestures are added to the Mac by default without any further presetting.

Anyone who uses BootCamp to run Windows 10 under macOS should be happy about this new feature: The update for BootCamp, which raises the version to 6.1.15, now start some standard settings of the Precision Touchpad for Windows, according to the release notes the Mac. Previously, these gestures could only be used via third-party solutions, but not with Apple’s BootCamp itself. This included, for example, support for three- and four-finger swiping gestures on the trackpad, the option of right-clicking by tapping the lower right corner, and a lot more.

The update brings a native solution for using gestures not only on MacBook trackpads but also on external devices such as the Magic Trackpad, eliminating the need to install third-party drivers and software.

Support for Macs with a T2 chip

However, adding support for Precision touchpad gestures is limited to devices with Apple’s T2 security chip. At least this requirement is mentioned in an Apple support article. This means that basically all Macs built from 2018 onwards are eligible for the innovation since Apple has been using the T2 chip since then. In addition to the article, there is also a list of devices that support the Microsoft Precision touchpad drivers with BootCamp.

After updating the BootCamp software, you can also simply use the settings app in Windows 10 to check whether the computer is equipped with support for the Precision touchpad or not. The necessary details can be found in the settings under Devices/Touchpad. If it says, “Your PC has a precision touchpad,” your Mac either does not have the Microsoft precision touchpad drivers or the latest Boot Camp support software is installed.