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Apple Store Evacuated After iPhone 6S Plus Caught Fire

Apparently, this is not the best time for Apple to get involved in any more controversies or news, as first it dealt with many lawsuits relating the old iPhone batteries getting slower and now this new issue of iPhone gadget catching fire during a battery replacement procedure that led to the immediate evacuation from the Apple store building.

On the matter of slowing down batteries intentionally by Apple of the older iPhones, nearly twenty-six lawsuits were filed against the firm. Apple published its apology on the matter and offered a battery replacement at a cost of $29 which was of $79 earlier.

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Apple launched the battery replacement much before the promised time. Many people took benefit of the offer. However, during the procedure of the battery replacement, one of the iPhone particularly iPhone 6S Plus caught fire, which resulted in compelling the employees and the customers to leave the store.

The incident occurred at the Apple Store in Zurich, Switzerland, while an employee was engaged in the procedure of replacing battery from an iPhone 6S Plus. The phone caught fire and smoke started rolling out from it. As soon as the phone caught fire around fifty people had to leave the store immediately including the employees and customers. Fire extinguishers, police and ambulances were phoned immediately to the incident location.

As per reports, no serious injuries were reported, but the employee who was working on the device has faced minor burn injuries on hand.

Phone Arena reported that the injured employee and seven other people were treated on the spot at the called ambulances with no need for hospitalizing anyone.

As per the reports of the Apple Insider, the police informed that the staff responded accurately and well towards the situation. As per police, the staff scattered quartz sand over the overheated battery so that the smoke could be released and may not be contained once the ventilation is switched on.

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