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Apple Store Is Revamped Now with iOS 11 update

Apple Inc is releasing its newest operating system iOS 11 for its iPhone and iPads, along with the iOS Apple also makes significant changes to its marketplace “Apple Store” the new changes reportedly meant to satisfy third-party app developers and it will add new augmented reality apps to the store as well—Reuters reported.

The Apple Store has been redesigned to accommodate third-party developers which will provide them more space to upload their software images, description. Developers had problems earlier with their apps being buried in the App Store that could only be found by searching with exact name.

It seems Apple is likely to make some similar changes Google is making to their PlayStore, Google has recently announced changes last month in which Google has set new algorithms to rank the apps based on performance taking many performance indicators into the account. This way the new app developers are likely to get more exposure on the PlayStore which was quite difficult earlier.

The new redesigned Apple Store will be cleaner and organized so it would be easier for the users to find relevant apps they are looking for, it was so hard before the redesign to find an app unless you specifically know the name of the app, said Carolina Milanesi, the analyst at Creative Strategies.

The new store will also provide a prominent display for games, games is the hot-selling category on Apps store, it contributes 75% of the revenue in Apple’s App Store, according to App Annie, the company collects market data on mobile apps.

But the prominent change in iOS 11 seems the debut of augmented reality AR apps, AR allows digital objects float in the real world. Screen recordings of AR apps are going to be trending now from this update. According to Adam Debreczeni, developer of an app which lets users see 3D map of a fineness activity like cycling or running they have carried out, he was surprised to know how insanely users took and share screen recordings of these kinds of apps.

“I think it is going to help AR games to go viral and get better distribution network, he added.”