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Apple Testing iPhone 13 Pro With LTPO Screen From Samsung With 120Hz Refresh Rate

iPhone 13 Pro LTPO

However, there have been many reports that Apple will equip this year’s iPhone 13 with a high-screen refresh, but there has been no definitive news to prove this. Despite recent reports from Thelec, and MacRumors we still are considering them rumours.

However, today a well-known Chinese blogger also said that the new iPhone 13 Pro series code-named D63x and D64x are testing the LTPO 120Hz high refresh rate screen from Samsung. This is the first time that Apple has equipped an iPhone with this screen. With the super-smooth animation effects of iOS, it will bring an unparalleled smooth and handy operating experience.

In addition, the LTPO screen will bring more power-saving effects to the iPhone. This is a brand-new screen technology. Compared with the previous LTPS technology, it has the advantages of higher charge mobility and faster pixel response, which makes the screen more efficient. The reaction speed is faster, and power consumption can be significantly reduced.

More importantly, the LTPO screen will also bring an intelligent adjustment of the screen refresh rate function for the iPhone 13 Pro series, which can automatically switch between 1-120Hz according to the screen content.

In addition, the refresh rate as low as 1Hz will also enable the iPhone 13 Pro series to bring the long-awaited information screen display function. The battery life of the mobile phone is affected, and users can also use the screen display function with confidence.