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Apple Testing M3 Pro 3nm Chip With 12 Cores CPU

Apple M3 pro

With its next generation of ARM processors for notebooks and desktops, Apple apparently wants to focus primarily on increasing the number of computing cores. The Apple M3 Pro is said to have appeared in developer logs with 12 cores.

Apple is currently working on a new generation of MacBook Pro laptops, and the new Apple M3 SoC will be used for the first time. One of the models, which is said to be a top version of a MacBook Pro, has now been spotted in a developer log obtained by US journalist Mark Gurman from Bloomberg.

Two more cores for the Apple M3 Pro

It lists the device with the Apple M3 Pro SoC, whereby the platform in the currently tested high-end version of the notebook comes with 12 cores. For comparison: the Apple M1 Pro had eight cores and the Apple M2 Pro had ten cores. The new Apple M3 Pro is said to have six energy-saving efficiency and six high-end cores on board.

According to the report, the chip now being tested is probably the basic version of the Apple M3 Pro, although the US computer company certainly also wants to introduce versions with a significantly higher number of cores. It is said that the version of the MacBook Pro that has now been tested has 36 gigabytes of RAM installed. The new model thus also surpasses the top version of the MacBook Pro models with the predecessor chip M2 Pro, in which a maximum of 32 gigabytes of RAM can be configured.

It’s hardly a surprise that Apple is already testing the M3 Pro. According to previous reports, the first M3 chips are expected in the first devices towards the end of 2023 or the beginning of 2024. The production is again being carried out by the Taiwanese contract manufacturer TSMC, whereby Apple is likely to rely on its new manufacturing technology with a structure width of just three nanometers. The US group is said to have booked all capacities for 3nm chips at TSMC.

According to the Bloomberg report, Apple is already working on other M3-based systems in addition to new MacBook Pro models with M3 Pro. Specifically, we are talking about iMacs, cheaper MacBook Pros, and new variants of the MacBook Air, all of which are supposed to come onto the market with M3 SoCs. Before that, however, the launch of a larger MacBook Air with a 15-inch display, which will still be based on the Apple M2, is expected in the summer of 2023.