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Apple Testing Two Foldable Smartphones Reportedly

Apple Foldable

As reported one month ago, it is now reported again that Apple is in the process of testing its first foldable smartphone. According to a Taiwanese media outlet, two designs would be considered by the Cupertino company: a folding screen smartphone and another with two panels.

Foldable smartphones are a reality today. Samsung entered the market with its Z Fold and Z Flip, followed by other brands like Motorola with its Razr. But at the moment, these products are only a tiny minority on the market. Apple still hasn’t taken the plunge, but may soon. In any case, this is what the information given by the Taiwanese newspaper Economic Daily News suggests via (Macrumors).

The site indicates that Apple is said to be actively working on its first model of foldable iPhone. The company reportedly recently completed durability tests at the Foxconn factory in Shenzhen (China). Apple had already filed a patent for a foldable smartphone two years ago.

Two Testing formats

Two models are under study according to the site. The former is said to be similar to Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold, meaning that it has a large screen that folds vertically. The second would be a little more surprising, since it would take the form of a flip phone like the Z Flip, again from Samsung, with the difference that it would be equipped with not one but two panels. A model already suggested by the leaker Jon Prosser a few months ago. These are not finished smartphones, of course, but prototypes that we do not know if they are functional or not. At the moment, it’s the durability that seems to interest Apple, as well as the format. Now it remains to be seen which of the two convinced the firm of Tim Cook, admitting that one of them convinced. If Apple’s foldable smartphone there are in the next few years, it will be a real upheaval for the iPhone line.

We remember that the brand has already experienced major upheavals in the past, as with the iPhone 5 in 2012, which enlarged the screen for the first time, or the iPhone X in 2017, which introduced the famous notch. But the emergence of a foldable smartphone would be a much bigger revolution than these two examples, so Apple is betting big on it. So it is about having the most convincing format possible in the eyes of the general public.