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Apple to Make Some Changes to Comply With Local Laws

Apple is making some changes in Russia to comply with local laws and stay in the market.


Last day, we shared news about Apple to comply with the local regulations regarding preinstalled apps on Apple devices launched in Russia; today, we share a new update for the locals.

This update is related to the previous news. From April 1st, users in Russia would be shown a screen while setting up a new iPhone. This screen will allow users to automatically install apps that the Russian government authorizes.

A bill was earlier approved by the local government back in 2019. It was stated that smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, and smart TVs sold in Russia must incorporate specific apps made by Russian companies. Initially, the law was supposed to be enforced in July 2020 but was pushed back to April 2021 due to certain reasons. A source added that apps wouldn’t be installed if users don’t want them.

Though a complete list of apps is not confirmed yet, the source confirmed that Yandex, Mail.ru, and Kaspersky Lab would be part of the list. The government is also planning to expand its list over time:

The Ministry is not at all interested in seeing popular apps included in the mandatory pre-installation list take dominant positions. If alternatives emerge on the market, prove interesting to users and gain popularity quickly, they will be included in this selection and also offered for pre-installation,

Previously, Apple made some changes to stay on the local laws, including changes in maps, blocking pride watch faces, and storing iCloud data on state-run servers in China. This change, however, could be one of the more dramatic changes, as it affects a screen that every user will see when they set up their iPhone.