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Apple To Sell Fewer iPhones Next Year

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How badly the tech sector is being hit by the current crises is now also shown by the industry leader Apple. So far, he has been able to avoid many obstacles, but now the sales figures for his iPhones are falling considerably.

In the current Christmas quarter, the company is likely to miss its sales targets by around 20 million devices for its top models iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max alone. This is the assessment of the usually well-informed analyst Ming-Chi Kuo from TF Securities, as the news agency Reuters reports.

In particular, for the first time, he outlines the scope of the production losses in a Chinese Foxconn plant after the workers there revolted against the production and living conditions. Due to the latest corona measures, the employees had been isolated in the factory so that they were still supposed to work, but could not leave the factory premises after the shift. This resulted in clashes with police forces.

10 Million Fewer Shipments Expected

In some cases, customers will switch to other iPhones if there is a bottleneck in the Pro models. Nevertheless, the analyst assumes that the total sales figures will be significantly lower than expected. The forecast is for a drop of around 10 million units sold and a total of 70 to 75 million units in the Christmas quarter.

However, industry observers are largely in agreement that sales figures will rise again when production volumes are at the desired level. That would mean that Apple would continue to be spared the effects of falling purchasing power among many consumers worldwide. 

It remains to be seen whether this will actually remain the case. Recently, the company has been able to show in other areas that it is little affected by the current situation – when, for example, sales figures for PCs and notebooks collapsed across the industry, Apple even increased its sales figures.