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Apple To Work With Chinese Manufacturers For Apple Car Batteries

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The US computer giant Apple to lead early discussions with several Chinese battery manufacturers, which are to supply with battery cells goes for a planned by the company electric car. Apple makes some considerable demands.

As the news agency Reuters reports, citing sources from the Apple environment, there are currently talks between Tim Cook’s company and the Chinese battery manufacturers CATL and BYD. It is about the supply of Apple with batteries from the production of the Chinese, whereby these must meet certain requirements.

Political tensions Could Be A Problem?

Allegedly, Apple demands from its suppliers that they also set up their own capacities for the production of batteries for Apple cars in the United States. CATL is already a supplier to many manufacturers of electric cars, including Tesla, but is hesitant to set up its own plants in the USA. In addition to higher costs, this is also due to the political tensions between China and the USA.

It is unclear whether Apple will also talk to other battery manufacturers than CATL and BYD about supplying batteries for its vehicles. CATL is the world’s leading manufacturer of such products, while BYD ranks fourth and primarily uses the batteries it produces in its own cars.

According to the current status, Apple should prefer the use of batteries based on lithium iron phosphate, because these are cheaper to manufacture than variants with nickel and cobalt. Earlier it was mentioned that Apple could possibly also introduce a new battery technology, although it remains to be seen whether this will be the subject of recent discussions with potential suppliers.

The US group has been working on its own electric car for a long time and has put together a large team for this. According to previous reports, the first model could be unveiled in 2024. However, it should not be ready until the end of the year, if at all. When the first vehicles will be delivered is still open.