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Apple TV 4K Shipped Earlier Than Expected

Apple TV 4K

The new Apple TV 4K with a newly designed Siri remote will start shipping this Friday, but a buyer said it had received the goods two days in advance. The new Apple TV 4K will receive pre-orders on April 30, and the first orders are expected to be delivered to users on May 21. However, this Wednesday, Reddit user Makivivu said that he had received the goods 48 hours in advance and provided an unpacking and initial hands-on experience on the new Apple TV.

He left a message in the post: “It runs smoothly everywhere, and the speed of installing apps is horribly fast. Since this is my first Apple TV, it can’t be compared with the old Apple TV… But it’s smoother than my Sony Android TV software, that’s for sure“.

Regarding the redesigned Siri remote, Makivivu said that the buttons feel “a bit stuck, but still very solid.” When asked about the rotation search function, they said it didn’t work “out of the box” but pointed out that they might not understand how to use it.

The new Apple TV 4K was released in April. It uses the A12 Bionic processor, supports high refresh rate HDR content, and redesigned the Siri remote control with a new click wheel and power button.