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Apple TV+ Free Subscriptions Extended Till July 2021

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Apple is once again extending the free Apple TV+ trial version that customers have been receiving since 2019, for example with a new iPhone. It is the second extension of the kind so that the first users can now benefit from up to six months of Apple TV+.

Because Apple is now not extending the expiring AppleTV + subscriptions until February 2021, as announced in autumn, but until July 2021. This is reported by the online magazine 9to5mac. When Apple launched its video-on-demand streaming service, anyone who bought an iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple TV got access to free trials of TV + for a year. The free access was supposed to expire on November 1, 2020, but Apple extended it until February 2021.

Users will be notified

Today the tech giant is giving some of its TV+ customers a few more months of free access. Users with subscriptions that should expire between February and June will still be able to access TV+ shows and movies for free until July 2021, provided they have not cancelled their subscription. Those eligible for renewal will receive an email notification in the next few weeks.

Credits are supposed to come too

According to 9to5mac, existing TV+ subscribers with a regular monthly subscription will also receive a credit of $4.99 from February to June – this will also apply to those who have an Apple One Bundle subscription. Now the question is not necessarily what Apple is aiming for – that should be pretty clear, you want to keep the subscription numbers high and not lose users. Why the group is foregoing potential income is more of a question.

Even with the first renewal, there was a rumour that Apple was extending the free subscriptions because fewer new productions had been completed due to the pandemic and there was simply too little content. Accordingly, the subscribers should be held by being able to stay with them for free.