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Apple Watch Patent Shows Future Blow Control

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Technology advances so fast, it was not too long ago when everything was controlled by keys, then we got touch controls, and then a voice control, lately, we also getting gesture controls in play however, Apple Insider reported that Apple is working on a new mechanism to allow users to control devices such as Apple Watch smartwatches or iPhone smartphones through “blow”, users would be able to control the device by blowing on it. On Thursday, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) announced a new patent application outlining a new scheme for “detecting hit events” and “switching between different modes of electronic devices.”

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Interestingly, the so-called “hit event” mentioned here actually refers to the user “blowing” to the device to trigger different functions. Although it sounds strange, there are several use cases mentioned in the documentation.

Portable electronic devices usually require a user to hold with one hand and then physically interact with the device with the other hand to implement user instruction input for specific functions.

However, when the user cannot directly input interactive commands to the electronic device through physical contact, the actual experience will be greatly reduced.

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If the wearer of the Apple Watch smartwatch is unable to click on the dial because both hands are carrying the bag, the new scheme still allows them to trigger specific functions-such as answering calls. Through the sensor to detect changes in pressure and value, you can identify related “hit” events. However, in order to improve the recognition accuracy, sensor components such as a thermometer and hygrometer can also be integrated.

The patent states that in addition to triggering a specific single “hit” event, the system can also map various commands to different events. In addition to wearable devices, the patent document also shows that this technology can be applied to iPhone smartphones.

It is worth mentioning that Apple has also tried other non-contact interactive methods before, including 3D aerial gestures for Mac and AirPods. As for when the new technology will officially arrive, it is currently unknown.