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Apple will soon introduce noninvasive blood glucose testing tech

For a long, it has been rumored that Apple will come forward with a noninvasive methodology for monitoring blood sugar levels. The research process was quite a time taking. But now it seems like Apple has reached the proof-of-concept stage. Still, it doesn’t indicate that the product will be marketed as soon as possible. It will take some more time to appear in the market.

Mark Gurman notes that the methodology requires some time before it becomes a part of the Apple Watch. However, the research process has passed an important milestone. Some unnamed sources [possibly from within Apple] claim that it has taken the company almost twelve years before reaching this stage. Such pieces of information suggest that the tech is working but it has to be optimized for its usability in a smartwatch.

As per some reports, the engineers from the company are working on the development of an iPhone-sized prototype. It would be buckled to the user’s leg. Reportedly, the company has spent ten years testing the tech on hundreds of patients. Followed by this, the data was compared to traditional tests that involve blood samples.

According to Bloomberg, Bill Athas was supervising the research team for this project. He died in late 2022. Since then, the charge has been handed over to Athas’s assistants. Apple managers Dave Simon and Jeff Koller are now in charge of this project. Both of them report to Johny Srouji [Senior VP of Hardware Technologies at Apple].

Some sources claim that the company initiated the research as a completely separate startup company named Avolonte Health LLC. Where both companies i.e., Apple and Avolonte Health LLC share no obvious connection. The company was established in 2010. Apple also owns RareLight, another health firm. Back in 2021, some reports indicated that Rockley Photonics has prepared the tech in the exact size as desired i.e., to fit in Apple Watch. However, there has been no release yet.