Apple’s efforts to develop generative AI is being confirmed by Tim Cook

Apple CEO

According to a report shared by Phonearena, Apple is all set to join the generative AI race. The report indicates that Apple is working on generative AI. Notably, the report claims that this information was confirmed by the CEO, Tim Cook. It’s been a long time since generative AI took the world by storm. Since then, we have only observed the major competition between Google and Microsoft.

During his talk to the UK media, the CEO affirmed that the company is working on generative AI. Reportedly, the company has employed the relevant staff in the UK. Yes, we are hiring there, so I do anticipate an uptick in hiring, states Cook.

Apple might come up with a ChatGPT rival

The CEO explained that different products from the company use AI. It can be found on the Apple Watch in the form of fall detection, atrial fibrillation, crash detection, and ECG. Notably, the company uses it for predictive typing on iPhones. Furthermore, the CEO declared that the company is examining the prospects of debuting a service similar to ChatGPT.

Well, it could have a significant impact on the tech industry. For sure, the level of competition will rise with the arrival of Apple-designed AI chatbots on iPhones, iPads, and Macbooks. When it comes to generative AI, Apple is implying a totally different strategy. The company intends to improve its current ecosystem of products with AI instead of bragging about the positive impacts of AI on user’s lives.

The business introduced AI enhancements to its products at WWDC 2023, including the iPhone’s capability to recognize a user’s pet or a Digital Persona feature. Another example is that when a user starts a conversation with someone else, AirPods Pro can automatically switch off noise cancellation.

Finally, Tim Cook reaffirmed Apple’s dedication to the “vibrant” tech sector in the UK. According to Cook, the UK is home to the third-largest number of Apple employees and has one of Europe’s most active development communities. In addition to AI services, companies and investors are also interested in developing an AI gadget. Reportedly, Apple’s former designer and OpenAI executive are discussing the prospects of developing an AI gadget.

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