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ARM-Based Adobe Photoshop Is Now Available In Beta

Adobe Photoshop ARM

The popular Adobe Photoshop image editing app is now also available as a native version for ARM systems. Compared to the emulated variant of the program, the performance is significantly improved. So far, however, Adobe has only released a beta version.

This can be seen from the developer’s support page. The new beta build can be run on Windows PCs with an ARM processor and Macs with an M1 chip. At the moment the beta version is not officially supported, so you use it at your own risk. Nevertheless, users have the opportunity to test the program and submit feedback. The feedback should then be taken into account in further development.

Beta has its limitations

Since the ARM version of Photoshop is only an early beta build, the app currently has some restrictions. Adobe emphasizes that this is not a fully-fledged version of the software and that numerous bugs could occur. A list of known problems can be found here.

In addition to Windows users with an ARM PC, the owners of the new Macs with an M1 chip should particularly benefit from the ARM version of the image processing program. An ARM processor was built into the devices so that conventional x86 programs must be emulated with Apple Rosetta.

Final version could appear in the next few months

When Adobe will release a final ARM version of Photoshop is currently fairly unclear. Unless there are major problems in the beta phase, a final build could be made available in the next few months. However, there is no precise schedule.