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Arturia has just published a free multi-effects plugin based on unison

Refract is a brand-new multi-effects plugin from Arturia that is even better—it’s free until January 4. Refract is a unison-based effect that stacks voices to produce distinctive soundscapes. Anyone wishing to add some textural flair to their recordings or sound designers may find it quite helpful.

Since this is a multi-effects plugin, one can use the unity effect to generate several Mode FX algorithms. Up to eight signal duplicates, each with a separate stereo voice, are possible. Moving between “unfiltered stems to a wide and powerful sound” is made possible by this. Every integrated effect can be merged, according to Arturia, to create “a dispersion pathway that fits your wildest imaginations.” We shall investigate that.

As is typical with Arturia plugs, the user interface is vibrant and entertaining, and adjusting the voices, filters, LFO, and other metrics is a breeze. Additionally, a ton of presets are included to demonstrate the plugin’s “multi-effect capabilities.” While some of these presets go with distortion or a chorus that is based on unison, others offer a delay effect.

It’s becoming customary to offer free plugins during the holidays, so it’s good to see another one appear. Don’t, however, ignore this download. It’s only available for free until January 4; after that, it costs $100. For Arturia, this has already been a rather big holiday because last week saw the release of their eagerly anticipated V Collection X synth bundle. Additionally, the MiniFreak hardware synthesizer attained a robust system at the start of the month.

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