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As part of current reorganization initiatives, Meta is laying off 4,000 staff members

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Given the ongoing economic turmoil, Meta laid off around 11,000 employees in 2022. Some recent reports suggest that Meta has started another round of job cuts this week. The recent job cuts are part of a restructuring strategy that will help the company save costs. It will impact 4,000 employees in the technical area. These include user experience, software engineering, and graphics programming.

Conversely, some LinkedIn posts by employees indicate that the company has laid off several gameplay programmers from the Reality Labs unit. The Reality Lab unit is concerned with augmented and virtual reality experiences. Such information suggests that the company is cutting down its investments in this area.

It can be difficult to say goodbye to friends and coworkers who have given so much to Meta, according to Meta’s head of people, Lori Goler. Additionally, the corporation has urged North American staff members whose employment permits them to work from home on Wednesday to aid with the processing of the news.

The upcoming months will see more layoffs

The current layoffs impacted the workers across the product-facing teams. Some reports indicate that the company will shift towards layoffs in the business-facing roles. These include legal, finance, and HR. it is expected to begin in May. We can anticipate that the teams that were currently opted out of layoffs could be included in the next phase.

Well, these massive layoffs are part of the CEO’s “Year of Efficiency” plan. It was introduced last year. The corporation is still defending its wager on the metaverse, which hasn’t yet attracted user interest. Meta’s shares have increased 81% this year. Just last quarter, Meta’s Reality Labs division suffered an operating loss of $4.28 billion, increasing the company’s 2022 losses to a total of $13.72 billion.