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Aster P luxury cell phone by Vertu starts with a price of $4000

Aster P luxury cell phone

Like an expensive phoenix rising up out of gold-and-sapphire-tipped blazes, Vertu has come back from its bankruptcy with its most recent luxury cell phone. Aster P luxury cell phone is a high-quality gadget with a sticker price that mirrors that workmanship and the excellent materials used to make it – it’ll cost you, in any event, $4,000.

What makes the Aster P luxury cell phone so expensive?

The 4.9-inch display is 133-carat sapphire crystal stone glass, and there’s a grade five titanium design alongside a rear panel shrouded in reptile or crocodile leather.

Gull-wing entryways open to uncover the double nano-SIM plate. It wouldn’t be a genuine luxury gadget without access to a head butler, so the individual attendant button has returned to furnish you with simply that, while you can snag welcomes to selective occasions.

Regardless of the lavish outside, the specs come up short. It keeps running on Snapdragon’s mid-range 660 CPU, which was discharged a year ago and has 128GB of locally available capacity and 6GB of RAM. The AMOLED screen has a determination of 1920 x 1080, while the gadget has a 3,200mAh battery. Those specs are fine for a mid-range handset, however, this is as far as anyone knows a luxury gadget.

The way that it runs Android Oreo 8.1, a year ago’s form of the OS, just influences it to appear to be significantly more like Vertu was chipping away at the telephone before its bankruptcy and chose to discharge it at any rate once it was recovered. Strangely, there’s a 20-megapixel front camera and a 12-megapixel raise camera, so maybe selfies are foremost for Astor’s target market.

Aster P luxury cell phone costs about $4,200 for the blue, brown, black and orange models in the Baroque series. The dark jade and white handsets in the Gothic series will set you back around $5,100. You’ll need particularly profound pockets for the stunning gold model, which costs about $14,120.

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