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Asus Zenfone 7 Pro Beats Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra And iPhone 12 Pro Max In Camera Test

Zenfone 7 Pro

The well-known YouTuber Marques Brownlee is now carrying out a traditional camera test in which he lets the photos from current smartphones compete against each other to see which device takes the “best” pictures. The winner is – again – a surprise.

Marques Brownlee alias MKBHD is one of the most famous technology YouTubers in the world, the 27-year-old is particularly valued by many for his calm videos. Its “blind” smartphone camera tests are now a small tradition, and Brownlee is now carrying out these tests for the third time via 9to5Mac. The YouTuber and his team take 16 smartphones of all price ranges that were released this year and use the automatic mode to take photos of the same subject.

It is not known which smartphone it is, as the recordings only have one letter. The photos then compete against each other in the KO system. Users in social media vote for their favorites and in the next round there is a new motif.

Brownlee emphasizes that all of this is completely “unscientific” and does not take place objectively either, since it does not vote for photos that are good by professional standards, but rather personal feelings play a role. However, the fanboy factor is excluded because it is not known which device was responsible for the recording.

iPhones fail again early

It is interesting, among other things, that no iPhone has made it past the first round, not this year either. The iPhone SE lost to the Moto Edge +, the iPhone 12 Pro Max was “absolutely destroyed” by the OnePlus 8T, according to Brownlee.

In the final, the Asus Zenfone 7 Pro and Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra smartphones faced each other and the Asus device, currently available for around 650 euros, was able to beat the Xiaomi smartphone, which is not yet available in Europe.